Cancellation policy

Less than 30 days before scheduled date of arrival : The total amount of your deposit will be forfeited (less $50,00 for cancellation fees ) but will be applicable on your next reservation if made within ( 1 ) year of the date of your cancellation.
Exception : from December 22 to January 4 can no refund of your deposit on cancellation less than 30 days prior arrival.

From 30 to 45 days before scheduled date of arrival : Reimbursement of your initial deposit less $ 50,00 for cancellation fees.

46 Days or more before scheduled date of arrival. Full reimbursement of your deposit ( less $25,00 for cancellation fees )
If the day of booking the customer is not present, the reservation will be cancelled and the total booking amount will be retained with no refund possible.
Note that no reduction will be granted on late arrival and/or hasty departure.